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I just  gave the first dose of nitenpyram and realized I had not thanked you for once again helping us with your product and generosity.  Is your opossum still with you? We have a few young and old feed with the outside ferals, along with a few raccoons. I have yet to see a momma opossum with babies but know they are there since we get new generations coming to visit.  At least one momma raccoon brings her babies each year.  I’ve come to recognize their chatter and seek them out, usually scattered on a tree’s limbs. 


I would presume the treatments I feed the cats are OK for the wild guests as well but just in case, do my dosing in the morning.  Most of our wild visitors come for the late evening feeding.


Thanks again,



i   Carrie!

(I was wondering: do you get razzed about your name? I loved the book more than the movie)


It really was no big deal to wait the coupe’a days, again, I like to order early just for that very reason (hight of flea & tick [etc] season.)


The gratitude is all ours (7 cats & 4 dawgs)!

Nitenpyram and Lufenuron are the bestest ever, and we’ve tried a lot. 


You have our eternal gratitude and business! 


 I just wanted to let you know that I have ordered from you in the past & was extremely pleased with the nitenpyram and lufenuron that I got from you. I just went on your site tonight and realized you are now selling dewormer so I ordered some fen & pyrz. I run a rescue so I love being able to buy in bulk from you!!! Thank you SO much!! I’ve also sent several other people to buy stuff from you and will continue to send people your way! I did want to let you know that I was going to buy more of the fenbendazole but the button for the 100 mg wasn’t in the right location and it wouldn’t allow me to push the button to add to cart. So I just ordered 2 of the 40 mg which is fine. I have ordered from you in the past but I have a different address now (I moved to va). You can ship both of the dewormers together. Thank you SO much for all you do especially in helping those of us in rescue!!! Take care, J. Harris

Thanks , honest seller,  5 stars, fast shipping, well packaged, great price
Fast shipping, Great price, I will do business with them in the future.

  Lufeneron Does wonders! Responded Well~Great Product~A+Person & Seller

Imust say I'm quite impressed with the Lufenuron you're selling, no doubt. I searched website by website to find the best powdered Lufenuron. I found that a lot of people out there were complaining about powdered Lufenuron as the powder they had purchased from other sellers DID NOT MIX with oil, meaning it's either fake, or very bad quality. Lufenuron  is a lipo-philic chemical (highly   soluable in fat).  A good grade of Lufenuron should mix very well with oil, no matter what. I tried to mix the Lufenuron I purchased from you with oil, it's HIGHLY solouble in oil, it takes just couple of seconds to blend/melt with the oil, meaning it's high quality, and highly authentic! THANK YOU

Do you know that I was telling my coworkers about your generosity and actually started to cry while doing so.   NO ONE helps anymore.   They would prefer to drink their $5 Starbucks instead. We've raised only $50 this weekend.   So sad.   :(

People should be ashamed that they always ask us for help but never give to the cause.   As founder of our non profit I personally have a credit card used solely for the rescue that has an $11k+ balance.  It's only folks like you that appreciate what we do and go through for these little ones.  The sleepless nights with the sick ones and the endless tears for the ones that we didn't get out of the shelter in time.   

It's people like YOU that are my hero's. 
Thanks so much for your reply. It's really good to know that it's safe enough to use a little more.  I thought so, but wanted to be sure.  All my "furbabies" are rescues, and I don't want to put them through any unnecessary stress...they've been through enough in their short lives!  

Bless you for making these meds available at reasonable prices - it's so difficult to provide quality care for a large number of creatures on a social security income.  


Thank you SO much for your generosity!   I will be ordering the least amount of both products very soon (hoping to get the $70 in donations).  We appreciate your help more than you know. 


The package came today!   Thank you again. 


Questions,  how many mg's of the Lufenuron for cats?   MG's for dogs up to 15lbs & up to 45lbs?


And the same for the Nitenpyram.


Thanks for everything, 


Fast Service

I've been on the internet since 1990 and this is the best service I have ever had. I have never had an order filled this fast. Pat yourself on the back and go take a nap. You deserve it. Thank You Mr. Kunde

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Placing another order.  has sent your site to many rescue friends. if you still add for rescue please adjust! I cant thank you enough. wonderful product! 

Donna 3 months ago

 its Donna again, just placed a  lufen order.  had some of my non rescue cats neutered. the clinic left them in crates for 36 hours, no food or water..I was horrified! they now have cat lice.I read Lufenuron works for lice too.. Im willing to try anything. hearing my babies cry with baths is breaking my heart.some of my ferals look itchy and I know they are flea free from the nyten. 
God bless you! and all you do for our fur babies <3

Carrie, i wish to thank you so much for all that you have done for both myself and all of my "hairy, smelly' kids. i have used most of all of your products and have nothing but great stuff to say! you have helped a lot of people by taking a huge step out of even purchasing the product to begin with. then selling it out in smaller amounts helps those of us that cannot afford to buy a huge amount, or don't need a huge amount. we appreciate you very much! i trust both you and all of your products as i know animals are near and dear to your heart you would only sell safe, and true products. i hope that more people find out about you, and word of mouth gets out there. seriously, this is a godsend and so are you!