We are dedicated

 to helping others...

Parasite Patrol is committed to bring you only high quality, pure anti-parasite medications for your pets. We work hard to source our medications from a variety of trusted laboratories and pharmacies around the globe. We have had many happy customers through the years, and have a page dedicated to testimonials of our past customers. 

Parasite Patrol has a passion for helping people help animals. We offer steeply discounted items for rescue organizations, animal leagues, and shelters across the nation. If you would like to help with this mission please let us know. We accept donations to this cause and your generous gift helps us supply organizations with parasite control measures. As little as $30 can help over twenty animals for an entire six months! Please join us in helping critters everywhere! If you are an organization looking for help, reach out to us! We have many products for many budgets and will work hard to come along side you and get the furies in your care the help they need.